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Welcome to the SacredHealingDivine information page. In addition to offering exceptional skin care services, I am a provider of Energy Healing and Energetic Attunements. My goal is to help you in healing those unconscious aspects of your self through an energy modality gifted to me by Spirit. 



 Energetic Healing Attunement - $55

This method of healing is incredibly relaxing and pleasant to experience.  Albert Einstein made us aware that energy makes up our world and everything around us is vibrating at different frequencies and rates.  We don't see radio waves, microwaves or the air that we breathe but science, energy and our spiritual nature, are intimately intertwined. Energy is the pulse of creation.

The body is surrounded by subtle energy fields that include emotional, mental, spiritual and causal aspects that intersect and influence our physical functionality and experiences. Through the use of crystals, tones and Energy movement, the entire makeup of your Being is raised in vibrational frequency to higher levels.  This results in an improved sense of well being in the immediate now, pain reduction, new perspectives for your everyday life, spiritual congruency, sometimes literal physical healings, and subtle changes that continue to transpire long after the session is over.

If you are seeking to transform yourself at any level, Energy Healing will bring significant healing and transformation.

diana anderson

             master esthetician

 energy healer


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